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Ashley Sperber

Ashley Sperber is an intuitive health coach that is committed to relieving pain, anxiety and discord in the body, using alternative healing modalities. Ashley combines her skilled training along with her developed intuition to support her clients in achieving their wellness goals. Her approach is unique, in that she helps the client better understand their lifestyle choices, and how certain behaviors can inhibit optimized health. After earning her bachelor’s degree at the University of New Hampshire, Ashley received certifications in: Integrative Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Western Herbalism and Emotional Freedom Technique. She is also a Yoga Teacher and a Reiki Master.

The faculties that Ashley possesses offer insight to the root cause of imbalances in the body, and how to guide the client in their self-healing journey. She holds the client accountable to their growth and evolution, while also nurturing them, as they release that which holds them back. Every session with her is designed to provide relief and clarity into the client’s life as they transform into the person they aspire to become.

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