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Low Level Laser Therapy

Introduced nearly three decades ago, the low-level laser therapy is a form of medical treatment where an injured body part is exposed to low-intensity lasers. This exposure to the low-level laser induces stimulation of the tissues, thereby inducing quick healing and alleviation of pain and inflammation.

Also known by other names such as cold laser, biostimulation, non-thermal laser, low intensity laser therapy and soft laser, the therapy finds support due to its capability to reduce pain and quicken the wound healing process.

The low-level laser treatment works on the theory that photochemical processes, which take place when light is calibrated to a certain wavelength, induce blood circulation and cell repair. There is an increased and efficient cell reproduction, which replaces the unhealthy cells thereby causing relief from inflammation, pain and the wounds start healing quickly. For this reason, low-level laser is increasingly being used for the treatment of chronic back pain, soft tissue injury, sports injuries and muscle strain.

Scientists believe that the low-level laser treatment has a huge potential, provides great low level laser benefits and therefore, are looking into the various aspects of the treatment. They are of the view that for now the therapy may be used concurrently with other treatment options, but there would be a time, when this would be the single most popular treatment method.




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